Magix Variverb 2

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Alogorithmic reverb

With VariVerb 2 (VARIable reVERB) Samplitude offers you a virtual effects device with high-quality reverb algorithms to add depth to your recordings. Unlike the Samplitude room simulator the created reverb is not based on impulse responses but is calculated in “traditional” manner based on a complex reflection pattern and different software models.

Individual editing

The benefit of an algorithmic reverb is that you can influence different parameters and design the room impression as you like. Some few effects (e.g. modulation) can not be created with a convoluted reverb, so the algorithmic process still has to exist. The sound coloring possibilities of this conventional reverb creation method also has interesting potential with regard to a sound esthetic perspective.

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Create reverb exactly the way you want. Magix VariVerb 2 creates various types of reverb based on algorithmic calculations, without using impulse response. Create classic, modern or artificial reverb effects with various parameters such as room, plate, spring, and nonlinear reverb with this high-quality plugin. VariVerb 2 is a precise VST plugin that adds more depth to your tracks. Adjust room size, width or diffusion with a few clicks and create the reverb room with the exact sound aspects that you need.


More depth. More texture. More possibilities. The presets for instruments, halls, rooms and vocals are based on a variety of algorithms and can be used not just for making improvements, but as the starting point for complex sound design.


The reverb created is not based on impulse responses, but on complex reflection patterns and different software models. VariVerb 2 offers enormous potential in terms of sound aesthetics, especially in effects areas such as modulation, which can’t normally be created with a convoluted reverb.