Effective and visually striking acoustic consultancy services

Our consultancy brings to bear a uniquely wide range of expertise and experience, coupled with design originality and an eminently practical approach. We produce well considered solutions to specific problems, which look good, are efficient and economical. We do not tend to use off-the-shelf solutions that are usually both expensive and ‘catch all’. We prefer to specifically design the acoustic solutions required for each individual situation. Many studios have benefitted from our work.

We have improved already existing rooms, and enabled unused/’unusable’ spaces to house fully professional post-production or writing rooms. In addition we have worked with many commercial clients – restaurants, bars and nightclubs – on the acoustics of their venues, for sound leakage issues, internal sound exposure legislation for staff, and treatment to control the sound produced, resulting in many great sounding bars and venues that don’t disturb the neighbours!

"DACS completely brought our mastering studio to life. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of having a full custom treatment job done in their studio. The accuracy we can achieve in our mixes and masters since being able to hear the monitors in this way is incredible."

Alex Powell - Label Worx - Mastering Engineer

Our clients


Castle Street Community Centre

Nestled amongst the foothills of the Lake District lies Castle Street Community Centre, a community space that needed versatile acoustic treatment for a wide range of activities.


Project Coffee

A trendy Edinburgh coffee shop required a stylish solution to help the ambience in their bustling city surrounds.


Label Worx

Electronic music mastering studio in the East of England, Label Worx provide services for the industries leading brands.


The Old Church Studio

In the Northumbrian village of Thropton, along the River Coquet an old church needed treating to become a top class folk music performance space.


Seil Island Community Hall

A community space for the people of Ellenabeich to come together. The community centre needed a versatile space that could handle badminton in the afternoon and an AGM in the evening.


Ubisoft Reflections

Video game powerhouse Ubisoft's Reflections team based just across the River Tyne in Newcastle-upon-Tyne needed an acoustically treated space for critical recording for use in the latest games.


Josephine Butler College

Durham University is regarded as one of the top universities in the country. To reflect this DACS provided a top quality acoustically treated common space for the students and staff alike to unwind.

Ogilvy Chalmers

Ogilvy Chalmers are a consulting agency based in Haddington, east Lothian. DACS designed and fitted a bespoke acoustic solution to their office.

University of Chester

The University of Chester's music department needed a revamped space for performance, creation and education with acoustics to suit.


Brighton Institute of Modern Music

As part of The British and Irish Modern Music Institute their Brighton base required modern and professional treatment to provide the students and staff the best possible environment for education.


Middlesbrough College

Acoustically treating a space for the people of Teesside and further afield to learn.