25th June 2019

Free service for your legacy DACS units

If you have an old DACS unit tucked away in your rack that you think is no longer working like it used to you can send it over to us and get a free service. All we ask is that you pay the shipping and any spare parts that may be required. We will quote you beforehand for any extras needed.
15th May 2019

Nick Lloyd-Webber's New Recording Studio in Heart of London

Nick Lloyd-Webber needed a permanent home for his recording projects in the heart of London. Kazbar Systems was commissioned to build the multi room facility, and DACS’ Douglas Doherty was appointed as designer.
29th April 2019

Disused Library to State of the Art Recording Studio

Beetroot Studios and Engineer/Musician Stuart MacLeod have, over the last 15 years, forged a strong reputation in the music industry in Scotland, and in England, working with major labels, established acts and upcoming bands.