23rd April 2021

DACS Clarity HeadLite 3+ Now Available at Canford

DACS Audio are pleased to announce Canford Audio are now selling the DACS Clarity HeadLite 3+. We have been working with Canford for decades in our studio design work and it is great to work alongside them with our next generation of headphone amplifier, the HeadLite 3+. This partnership corresponds with a new strategy to get our professional audio products into the hands of those who would benefit most from using them. This signals the start of our push for our new generation of headphone amplifier which we are very excited about.

DACS Clarity HeadLite 3+ is a range of 4-channel headphone amplifiers with differing number of +Power modules inserted during factory assembly or retrofit. +Power is an analogue plug-in module that provides all the ultra-clean drive the most power-hungry headphones need. Fitted as standard in Channel 1, but also available in 2, 3, and 4 channel options, +Power provides drive to spare for taking low-impedance high-power headphones to the peak of their performance – enabling a cleaner output signal that is less susceptible to distortion and therefore less likely to damage your hearing. It will also allow the driving of multiple higher impedance phones. A +Power channel can drive 6 or more high impedance headphones rated at 400 Ohm or more.

You can check out the HeadLite 3+ on Canford via: https://www.canford.co.uk/DACS/DACS-HEADPHONE-AMPLIFIERS-HeadLite-3+ or give them a call on 0191 418 1122