26th February 2021

Clarity HeadLite 3+ Launches March 2021

The DACS HeadLite3+ adds a new twist to DACS’ renowned studio headphone amplifier. The technology now employed in some high-end headphones means they require a huge amount of power to drive them properly.  DACS have designed the +Power plug in that provides all the ultra-clean drive the most power-hungry headphones need.

“The HeadLite3 can drive pretty much any headphone to its limit, while still sounding great. But pretty much isn’t good enough for us. The new generation of planar magnetic headphones particularly, need a lot of power to drive them loud, so we designed a plug-in module, the +Power. This module is fitted as standard on Channel 1 of the HeadLite 3+ and can be fitted to further channels. As well as powering low impedance planar magnetic headphones, it’ll also drive multiple sets of standard headphones.”
Dr Douglas Doherty, DACS Managing Direcotr

The HeadLite 3+ is shipping March 2021, and can be pre-ordered now.