30th April 2019

New DACS designed Live Room at Beetroot Studios


Beetroot Studios and Engineer/Musician Stuart MacLeod have, over the last 15 years, forged a strong reputation in the music industry in Scotland, and in England, working with major labels, established acts and upcoming bands.

The opportunity arose to develop the old library space next to the existing studios as a new large multifunctional Live Room. DACS’ studio designer Dr Douglas Doherty worked closely with Stuart MacLeod, to design a unique space; capable of recording choirs and instrumental ensembles with a substantial, even and controlled reverberation, yet adaptable enough to record bands ‘live’, with separation spaces for vocalists and guitar amplifiers. And look stunning with a focus on timber.

Now the work is complete, and the new Live Room is open for business. The DACS build team created an isolated, beautiful sounding space capable of recording the quietest violin solo to raucous indie bands. The guitar amplifier ‘isolation booths’ do just that, while the large vocal booth on the mezzanine gives the artist a panoramic view of the ground floor. It does look stunning, with the pine timbers lining the ground floor walls helping create the smooth sound. The flexible lighting incorporated into the diffusers under the high mezzanine and shining down from the double height ceiling make it a really comfortable working space.

Stuart MacLeod said “The new Live Room is a dream come true. We can now record orchestral ensembles and choirs in an environment that will support the players with a controlled even reverb, a big sound, in the same way the best concert halls do. We can also spread bands out, separating them with screens, and play live. We now have a great ‘drum room’ that Ross McFarlane loved when he came over to try it out; it sounds amazing and records really well. With the two guitar isolation booths we can drive the cabinets into an acoustically uncoloured booth and we’re in complete control; smooth ‘studio’, or really get that ‘gig’ sound to work with, all without bleed. It complements our existing rooms and makes it possible to take on bigger projects, as well as offer a range of options to musicians.”

Beetroot Recording Studio is a state-of-the-art recording facility in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire.

Beetroot Studio has been used by artists such as Amy Macdonald, Halo Tora and The Dykeenies, as well as record labels like Sony, Mercury and Universal.

Beetroot Studio’s equipment includes:

 Pro Tools HDX rig (56 channels of I/O), 48-track Iz RADAR Nyquist system, 144-channel Euphonix CS2000 Analogue Mixing desk, extensive selection of high-end outboard (Manley, Crane Song, Retro Instruments, Requisite Audio, Bricasti, Eventide etc), large variety of valve, condenser, ribbon and dynamic microphones (Neumann, Flea, Schoeps, Coles, Royer, Josephson etc), wide range of guitar and bass amplifiers (Bad Cat, Fender, Budda, Louis Electric, Magnatone)

Facilities - large control room, three live areas and new large Live room, isolated machine room.

Lying directly between Glasgow and Edinburgh, Beetroot is extremely easy to reach from the M8 and M74, with easy rail links nearby. Our rates are exceptionally competitive for both commercial and non-commercial projects.


DACS offers a studio design and build service, acoustic consultancy, cabling and sound system design and installation.  More than 25 years’ experience in the pro audio industry enables DACS to shape open-ended high-performance systems. In this context they specialise in custom interfaces for audio, digital audio and control systems.

DACS is an innovative company with a comprehensive range of products and services for the music, pro audio and broadcast markets.  It manufactures acoustic modules, and its own range of high-end pro audio and custom products.  Its clients include major recording studios and post production facilities, musicians and DJ, universities and secondary schools, digital broadcasters, film companies, clubs, bars and restaurants.