Soundman Binaural Studio Software Bundle

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1 × Soundman OKM II - OKM II Classic Studio

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Ircam HEar v3 Box
1 × Flux Ircam HEar v3
Faithful binaural reproduction of a stereo mix or a full surround mix with up to ten channels, supporting Dolby Atmos , with a pair of conventional stereo headphones.

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Soundman Binaural Studio Software Bundle combines the Soundman OKM II Studio binaural microphones with Flux Ircam HEar V3 into the perfect on studio binaural recording setup.

Soundman OKM II Studio

Excellent for Ambient Sound/ASMR, Speech, Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz and Broadcast recordings. The OKM II Studio is versatile and offers stellar performance.

There are a number of advantages to the design, especially when recording on location. They are discrete – ideal when recording interviews, background in public places or concerts (with permission from the performers); they can easily be stored away for transport (they’re small enough to fit in your pocket); both hands are free which makes it easier to adjust the recording levels and control your recording equipment. If required the microphones can be attached to a stereo bar, melon, tennis ball or football to name but a few of the various methods already tried.

After some experience of using the OKM with your preferred recording device, your ears will become your monitors and you will soon know from what you are hearing what results you are going to get, producing excellent recordings in all sorts of conditions, every time.

Supplied with an A3 Adapter

Ircam HEar – Binaural Encoding Tool

Ircam HEar provides faithful reproduction of a stereo mix or a full surround mix with up to ten channels, supporting Dolby Atmos , with a pair of conventional stereo headphones. It relies on proven technology to model the various phenomena that occur when playing back audio material through a loudspeaker system.

Binaural technology

Binaural technology encompasses methods for recording, processing, synthesizing and reproducing sound that are specifically designed to preserve tridimensional localization properties.

In order to mimic the impression of a sound originating from a given incidence, it is sufficient to filter a mono signal, which on its own lacks any kind of spatial information, with both left and right HRTF filters. This constitutes the foundation of binaural synthesis.

Please note that the resulting signal is only meant to be listened to with headphones, and isn’t designed for a conventional stereo loudspeaker setup.

Signal Routing and Speaker setup

A routing Matrix provides an overview of the mapping between the plugin’s inputs from the DAW track to the virtual speaker internal outputs, and a Speaker Mode specifying which virtual speaker configuration that should be emulated.


A trial license is valid for 30 days and gives access to the actual full product during 30 days without any limitations.

When the trial period ends and you decide to purchase the product, simply authorize with the full license, and everything will work as it did during the trial period, there is no need to reinstall anything and all your settings and presets will still be available.

If you have applied for a trial license for a specific product before with the same iLok user account, please contact Flux:: Helpdesk for a second trial period.

Flux:: Plugin Specifications

OS Compatibility

Windows – 7 SP1, 8.1 and 10, all in 64 bits only.
Mac OS X (Intel) – All versions from 10.11 (64bit only)

Hardware Specification

A graphic card fully supporting OpenGL 2.0 is required. USB displays are not supported.

Windows: If your computer has an ATi or NVidia graphics card, please assure the latest graphic drivers from the ATi or NVidia website are installed.
Mac OS X: OpenGL 2.0 required – Mac Pro 1.1 & Mac Pro 2.1 are not supported.

Software license requirements

In order to use the software, an user account is required (the iLok USB Smart Key is not required).

VS3 license not included in Flux:: standard license. Additional VS3 license for Pyramix & Ovation Native/MassCore 32/64 bit versions available from Merging Technologies:

Name VST 2 – 64bit AudioUnit – 64bit AAX Native (64bit) AAX – HDX (DSP – 64 bit) AAX – VENUE VS3 Native+Masscore (Pyramix 10-12) WPAPI – Waves soundgrid Max sample rate (depending on HOST) maximum number of channels Ambisonic 1-2-3rd order / dolby atmos stem format
IRCAM HEar V3 ok ok ok not supported not supported not supported not supported 384 KHz 10 Dolby atmos only

NameVST 2 – 64bitAudioUnit – 64bitAAX Native (64bit)AAX – HDX (DSP – 64 bit)AAX – VENUEVS3 Native+Masscore (Pyramix 10-12)WPAPI – Waves soundgridMax sample rate (depending on HOST)maximum number of channelsAmbisonic 1-2-3rd order / dolby atmos stem format
IRCAM HEar V3okokoknot supportednot supportednot supportednot supported384 KHz10Dolby atmos only