Soundman OKM II

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Soundman OKM II, Similar in appearance to the small in-ear headphones you usually find supplied with a smart phone or iPod, the Soundman binaural microphones where developed to try to capture sound the way we perceive it by making the microphones small enough to fit in the ear. Using computer matching, the pairs of microphones are carefully selected and in use the results are startling, generating very realistic spatial stereo imaging.

OKM II Classic

The OKM II Classic is best used recording ambient sounds such like voice, nature or classical music. The best option for Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) recordings.

OKM II Classic Studio

Similar to the Classic with a greater frequency response and greater build quality. Made specially for professional film and music production

OKM II Rock Studio

Best used while recording high sound pressure such as rock concerts directly on stage. The Rock-Version is providing a large headroom for extreme high sound pressure up to 142 dB.

Other Soundman binaural products that may be of interest include:

DACS PPA (Phantom Power Adapter)

Soundman Dummy Head for Binaural Recording

Ear Piece Foam Set for Replacement/Spare Ear Foams

The manual for the Soundman OKM IIs are available via the manufacturers website:

All of our OKMs include a free A3 Adapter.

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There are a number of advantages to the design, especially when recording on location. They are discrete – ideal when recording interviews, background in public places or concerts (with permission from the performers); they can easily be stored away for transport (they’re small enough to fit in your pocket); both hands are free which makes it easier to adjust the recording levels and control your recording equipment. If required the microphones can be attached to a stereo bar, melon, tennis ball or football to name but a few of the various methods already tried.

After some experience of using the OKM with your preferred recording device, your ears will become your monitors and you will soon know from what you are hearing what results you are going to get, producing excellent recordings in all sorts of conditions, every time.

The A3 Adapter

The A3 adaptor is highly recommended for use with the OKM; again it is very small and fits between the OKM and the recording device. It comes with some useful features: a bass roll-off filter, a -20dB attenuation pad, and a battery tester. The OKM usually gets its power from the plug-in power available on most modern mini-recorders, which is 1.5V. The A3 supplies the microphones with a 6V charge, increasing headroom significantly and removing the need for plug-in power. The interface can now be plugged into the microphone input or the line input (depending on sound pressure levels) which means a larger range of sound pressure levels can be recorded simply by changing the combination of input and the attenuator pad setting. Any unwanted low frequency background noise can be filtered away using the bass roll-off filter.

Binaural stereo recording producing a stunning reproduction of the sound source, with outstanding spatial characteristics
Are omnidirectional electret condenser microphones
Are especially appropriate for live music recording
Are suitable for high quality speech recording
Durable plastic case that easily fits in a pocket
Allows hands free operation of other equipment while you record
Can also be used as a lavalier or boundary microphone
Are suitable for LINE-Inputs with A3 adapter when recording loud sounds
Can be plugged into a studio mixer/pre-amp with Phantom power using the DACS PPA