Soundman Studio Bundle

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1 × Soundman OKM II - OKM II Classic Studio -
Towards the end of 2006 we redesigned the DACS OKM PPA to make the PPA 2.The new unit uses a THAT low noise transistor array and provides a comparable output level to the A3 adaptor by giving a small amount of amplification. The old unit provided an output level around 12dB lower than the A3, which meant that in quiet surroundings mic amp noise and hum picked up from stray fields by the transformers became significant. The old unit performs best in high sound pressure level situations.

Available on back-order

Available on back-order



Soundman Studio Bundle – Studio combines the Soundman OKM II Studio binaural microphones, the DACS PPA phantom power adapter and Soundman Dummy Head into the perfect on studio binaural recording setup.

Soundman OKM II Studio

Excellent for Ambient Sound/ASMR, Speech, Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz and Broadcast recordings. The OKM II Studio is versatile and offers stellar performance.

There are a number of advantages to the design, especially when recording on location. They are discrete – ideal when recording interviews, background in public places or concerts (with permission from the performers); they can easily be stored away for transport (they’re small enough to fit in your pocket); both hands are free which makes it easier to adjust the recording levels and control your recording equipment. If required the microphones can be attached to a stereo bar, melon, tennis ball or football to name but a few of the various methods already tried.

After some experience of using the OKM with your preferred recording device, your ears will become your monitors and you will soon know from what you are hearing what results you are going to get, producing excellent recordings in all sorts of conditions, every time.

Supplied with an A3 Adapter