Soundman TRRS Splitter

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The Soundman TRRS Splitter is designed for accompanying the Rode SC6-L for use with recording binaurally on iPhone. The simple splitter design comes with a 3.5mm jack input adapter for connecting a Soundman OKM II Binaural Microphones and splits into 2x 3.5mm jack connectors for plugging into a dual TRRS input.

The TRRS Splitter allows for excellent OKM II quality binaural recordings using a mobile phone.

Recording binaurally on the go has never been easier and can now be simply done with a phone, an adapter and a splitter. Going out and recording your passion project, being one with the sounds of nature, recording your immersive performance or just a spur of the moment recording? Whatever the occasion it can now be down on the phone you bring with you everywhere.

Designed by Rolf Ruff of Soundman as a simple solution that opens the door to many possibilities for future and current projects alike.

Now available standalone or as a complete bundle.