MicAmp 2 B-Stock Now On Sale

Don’t miss this chance to pick up the most real-sounding, accurate and detailed mic pre on the market today. We have 6 units with scuffed panels and are selling them off at a special price – when they’re gone they’re gone…   They are fully calibrated and tested to the same exacting standards as all our units, and fully warrantied.  

Elliot James, Mix
“Transparency is a word used often to describe some higher-end mic preamps, and the DACS has exactly that: No colour, no enhancement, just the pure, clear sound of the instrument. When listening to the tape, each mic pre was clearly different in its tone, but you didn’t have to have golden ears to be startled by the clarity of the DACS MicAmp.”  

Dan Richards, Digital Pro Sound
“Hands down one of the best mic pres on the market today. Everyone I’ve talked to who has used the DACS Clarity MicAmp has been floored.”    
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More user comments  

Joseph, San Francisco
“The Josephsons and DACS together quite simply is “reality at will”

MicAmp user, Norway
“…I haven’t been so satisfied with a purchase since I got my first car!!!…it makes all of my other micpreamps sound like they are going through a dozen pairs of panty hose.”  

Philip Hobbs, Linn Records
“…there’s only one of my collection of microphone pre-amplifier that is on a par with it, and that is no longer manufactured.”