DACS Audio

DACS Audio has over 25 years of field experience in Studio Design, Audio Installation, and Acoustic Treatment. We have designed and built new Recording, Mixing and Mastering studios from scratch; we have worked closely with architects and interior designers and installed high-quality audio systems for businesses, bars and restaurants; and we have provided and fitted specialised acoustic treatment for existing sound facilities which required a sonic upgrade.

In addition DACS design and build a range of very highly regarded pro-Audio equipment: from microphone preamps and analogue processors, to monitor controllers.

We also act as Dealers for a number of other selected pro-Audio manufacturers. We have an in-depth knowledge of the current pro-audio market and are happy to provide unbiased advice to ensure that we match the product to your specific project or upgrade needs. We offer pre-sales Software Trials for some manufacturers, and competitive prices and professional post-sales support for all.